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EDS Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is Latency in LoadRunner? What is Network Latency? could u explain in detail how to define this network Latency in LoadRunner? Thanks in Advance

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U r taken ORD=All in correlated function.What it represents.Now i want to capture the ORD=3 occurance& place it in web_submit_data of vu gen script. How can u do it?

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)In which way we can say html recording mode is best over the URL mode to record the script in Vu gen?

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How can u use the configuration management tool like Quality Center in ur project?For what purpose it is being used?

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)what is web protocol& webservices protocol .Can u just give the examples.

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)Example of web_submit_form is the regestration form which u have to fill while creating a mail_Id Example of web_submit_data is the login page contains the fields like user name & PWD. Is this correct answer for diff btn web_submit_form&web_submit_data and their examples.

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Diff btn silk Performer& Loadrunner?

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)What r pre settings while recording a script?

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What is ur tem size & mention the role of ur's in ur team?(performance team)

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Describe configurations of both servers? Here what r two different servers.

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What is bench mark specifications in requirements?

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Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


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EDS Load Runner Interview Questions

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