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EDS Interview Questions
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How do you generate interactive lists in ALV?

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difference between Funds Flow and Cash Flow statements?

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What is servlet exception?

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What is tolerance group?

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How is multi provider different from info set?

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What are the OOPS concepts?

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What is "Visible State Transition" test? Give example

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What are the contents in "Requirements Traceability Matrix" not in " Test Responsibility Matrix"?

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What are the Techniques to be followed while writing the Test Cases?

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On which documnets are used to write System Test Cases? What are the contents in Ststem Test Cases?

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What is the common work area (CWA)?

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. What did you dislike about your last job? Why did you leave your last job?

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give example of sap memory and abap memory

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What is the difference between User Acceptance Testinga and System Testing?

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EDS Interview Questions

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