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DRJ ARDE Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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We have isolation transformer 25kvA & ONLINE UPS 15KvA (3PHASE I/P,3PHASE O/P)where isolation should have connect,before UPS or after please brief.

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can I connect step down transformer(25KvA,240V Phase to phase)to output of online UPS(15KvA,440V PHASE TO PHASE) Load connect to TRANSFORMER is 13KvA,240V PHASE TO PHASE. please brief if it is wrong

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How single phase & 3 phase motor select rotating direction ie clockwise/anticlockwise

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Please brief working principle & construction of permanent magnet AC Servo motor


How check proper electrical earthing of machine.

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How check electrical motor winding.

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Why in USA supply voltage parameters(230V,60Hz)are different,is there any advantage please brief.

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How to prepare electrical preventive maintenance plan & shedule of machine tools in manufacturing unit.


I have CNC Turning lathe,while doing electrical preventive maintenance what should I do & please brief me plan & shedule for the same.

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DRJ ARDE Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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