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Divis Laboratories Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What work have you done on full chip Clock and Power distribution? What process technology and budgets were used?


how to set the transformer differential relay

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in 132 kv substation ligtning arrestor(120 kv) connected to line. but line voltage comes to 132 kv, it operate or not???

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in 6.6 kv vaccum circuit breaker vaccum bottole vaccum capacity ????


with out colour codeing on conductor how can be find what is r,what is b,what is y phases.....


how to calculate the ngr capacity(nutral grounding resistor)

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how to calculate the earth mat design in 132 kv substation yard ????


how much distance is required for earth pit to earth pit in substation???

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what is full form of dyn11( in transformer)

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how to estimate the breaker capacity of breaker,please give the one example( 6.6 kv breaker,800a)?????

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How to calculate the current of Highpressure Mercury Vapour Lamp?what is the basis?whether we have to consider power factor or not?


what is the full form of FRL (3/20,7/20 EARTH WIRE)..????

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how much cuurrent flow through human body effected ????

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Explain the Term in CT Name Plate – Class: 5Ps

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hi i wonder will the speed of a 50hz AC motor reduce if i supply it with 25hz?

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Divis Laboratories Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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