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Air Force Interview Questions
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what is by brs?

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what was ur role in team?

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The Chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien visited India during the regin of (a) Kanishka (b) Chandragupta-I (c) Chandragupta-II (d) Harshavardhana

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The term ?Gambit? is associated with the game of ; (a) Golf (b) Bridge (c) Chess (d) Boating

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Merdeka Cup is associated with (a) Hockey (b) Tennis (c) Football (d) Badminton

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Who laid down the foundation of the Macca Masjid ? (a) Abdullah Qutub (b) Tainsha (c) Muhammud Qutub (d) Muhammud Quli

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I want question papers for khalasi, gangman, trackman, safaiwala, etc., urgent.Recent question papers.

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which soil requires least use of fertilizers

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send me model question papers of indian air force technical section

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During the troubleshooting of an inoperative shunt generator, you found the voltage to be 2+ volts; what is known from this. Is it (1). odds are the armature is good (2). odds are there is no field current flowing in field windings (3). odds are the armature is bad (4). both 1 & 2 are correct (5). both 2 & 3 are correct

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• How far is your home from the institute?


why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?

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what is your aim in life?

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can i put two batteries in place of one battery in 600VA UPS? If yes, then it will be whether in series or parellel. will there be any adverse effect after putting two batteries?

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why do u want to join armed forces?

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