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Coca Cola Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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1.what is the definition of sales? 2.what is the definition of marketing? 3.what is differance between sales& marketing?

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what is ROI and could you plz explain me in detail with all calculations with proper example, that how u will calculate ROI of a FMCG distributor.Remember that you have to explain me in that manner that i am a fresher and u r explaining me all the things abt ROI in proper steps that a person may know each and everything abt ROI after ur example so explain...

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why you done m.b.a after completing msc mathematcs and b.ed


how to increase the sales in coca cola distribution?

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what is marketing? how to sales product examples pen

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Why did you choose marketing career?

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What is the difference between sales and markerting

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what is ambush marketing.

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what is market specification and product specification.


what are social responsibilities of a company.


what is market research.

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what is customer service.

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why did you choose marketing for your currier.

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what is your dream job. (when one is specilised in marketing.)


what is ansoff metrix and GE metrix.


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