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Coca Cola Networking AllOther Interview Questions
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How to use a user of domain as a SQL server database login.

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sir,did u send me hpcl syllabus for engg. disiplience & previous year


Dear All, We have running a esteemed consultancy [FOCUS CONULTANCY] in vadapalani. Our biggest strength is our team work. We placed large number of candidates in international call centre. So any candidate who is interested to workin with international & domestic call centre. pls mail your resume to or please walk in to our office at Focus Consultancy, #11, First Main Road, Vengishwarar Nagar, Vadapalani, chennai - 26. Ph.32462178. Landmark (near to vadapalani murugan temple)&(straight road from vengishwarar temple)&(near to Vijay pharmacy).


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in an online banking software,users are connecting to bankserver by login.This login module can take below inputs for user. a/c number prefix-3 digits but doesnot start with 0&1 a/c number sufix-6 digits number password-5to 10 chars alphanumerics in lowercase areacode-3 digits number but optional purpose- cheque deposit money trasfer mini statement bills pay After filling above fields,user can click submit button to connect to bank server.prepare test scenarios for online banking s/w login.


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Coca Cola Networking AllOther Interview Questions
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