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CMC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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how cookie and session testing is done ?????

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does tester use design document for writing testcases

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Hi Friends, I am going to give Foundation Level Testing Exam from ISTQB, I need its dumps and study material. Please help me if any one has. Thanks in Advance

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What were the major challenges u faced while testing


What is regression testing

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what is severity and what is priority

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on what basis do the tester asssign severity

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how to write test case for ID CARD button in HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. kindly do reply me.

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I had faced in one of the interview that " you have found the bug and assigned to the corresponding developer, but the developer did not accept your bug. what will you do at this situation. can any one help me with clear answer ? I answered like, I will show the SRS,GUI document and show the image of the bug where i got. and again they asked me , still they did not accpet your bug. what you will do ? Answer me....

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what are metrics and what are metrics did u collect in you are project


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CMC Manual Testing Interview Questions

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