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CDS Interview Questions
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which one of the following nutrients is not a structural components of the plant

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where is the central rice research institute located

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persons working in the textile factories such as carpet weavers are exposed to which of the followig occupational diseases

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who among the following was the first european to encounter the cacoa plant from which chocolate is made

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misch metel is widely used in the manufacture of which of the following

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what is jewellers rouge

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in early medevial india what did the term jital refer to

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what were the ahdis of akbars time

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in the human body cowpers glands form a part of which one of the following

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which one of following group animals are primates

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three taps a, b, c, together can fill an empty cistern in 10 minutes. the tap a alone can fill it in 30 minutesand the tap b alone 40 minutes. how long will the tap c alone take to fill it

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