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BSNL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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1.After synchronising the alternator to the grid,how we r delivering power to the grid?if the i/p increases does the speed hence frequency increases? 2.y the power factor is changing when exitation changes?what is the relation with p.f and flux?

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how the calculation is done if the DG set require for the -- -48 to -51v 4000 ah battery set .

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RESISTONS R1 AND R2 in parallel = Total R.? 1-R=R1+R2 2-R=1/R1 + 1/R2 3-1/R + R1+R2 R=R1R2/R1+R2 select one

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The coils having selfinductancs 10mh and15mh,effective inductance 40mh when connected in series aiding. what will be the equivalent inductance if we connect them in series opposing?

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if main CT is of ratio 50/5, and meter CT is -/5 what will be overall multiplying factor of meter.PT is 11000/110 .


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