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BSNL C Interview Questions
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How many types of linked lists what are they? How many types of data structures?

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what information does the header files contain?

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what is web service in java? have u use before.


Write an algorithm for implementing insertion and deletion operations in a singly linked list using arrays ?


i have all the Oracle Certification material from 1z0-001 to 1Z0-643, if required just drop me a mail to:




What is the difference between Indian and us taxation


how to select HPLC column for a particular product


How do you check the reliability of a measure that is being used for a multi - item scale


what is the transiant condition in alternator? and how it can be prevanted?


what is the meaning of MIN MAX?


what are the prerequisite conditins to test clientserver and web applications


why we have to use particular buffer only for dissolution instead of using cheap buffer.


hi all I have an overall experience of 12 years working in an EDP setup(worked in a manufacturing setup in a German MNC). On my request, I was relieved from my duties in Sep 06 for maternity reasons. However I would like to pursue a career in a software organization as a manual tester. I obtained my proficiency certificate in Software Testing from STAG SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 months ago i.e in May and would now like to continue working in this field. However I am unable to find a job until now. If anybody knows of a opening at bangalore, kindly let me know.


What is the difference between EN 8 and SS410 grade material with chemical composition and application.


state working of halogen lamp?


What are the RBI rules has to follow by a bank for online precesseing. ?


BSNL C Interview Questions
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