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BSNL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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What is the need for modulation?

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i want computer associates placement papers from u? pls post to me.


what would be main different environment in gsm and cdma core networking side?


Sir, I hav applied for the post of sec. engg in RRB in telecom-sigal domain. Can u suggest hows the question pattern. Do I hav 2 follow technical books or general aptitude books ?

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which language is not object oriented?

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mnemonics can also be called?

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dump means?

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If Any Person can apply the Bsnl TTA That You contact me. I will teach or coach you.because I have all BSNL Material including Qld question papers.

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X^2 - 4X - 2Y + Y^2 = 4 represents a circle with

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The charge of an electron is equal to

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can u send me ttq upto 2008 on my email id for the trouble.


Please send BSNL TTA Question Answer


Explain GPRS architecture.


. When a inductive coil connected to a 200 V, 50Hz ac supply with 10A current flowing through it dissipates 1000 watts then which of the following will have least value in ohms a.) Resistance b.) Reactance c.) Impedance d.) None

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Un-Answered Questions

how much earthings are provided for 22KV HT Metering Kiosk


what is package many types they have


how calucate cement sand ratio for plstering


this is Ramu .i am working as sap sd end user.I am joined sap sd course but i am completed my graduation 2011. actually 2005 -2008 my education year. any plausibility to get good ob


How I calculate the ELCB for circuit breakers?


what is the list of building construction equipment & teir output?


How to adjustment of CST ? and also tell me about C-Form affairs ?


In control room of our one plant there is a continuously the incoming power goes to PC is vary,means in stabilizer it continuously indicate from high input to low and low input to high. what is the reason and its solution.


i was looking for a general example for time management and how everything is linked together so i can have a complete picture. when i say link i mean with OM and PA and work schedule,planned working time, other relevant infotypes, personnel area and subarea and their groupings, etc...


Ram retired from partnership. The partners with mutual consent agreed to put the capital balance as on the date of retirement as loan to the firm @ 18% pa. The credit balance to his capital account was Rs 325000/- Pass necessary entry


What is a digital signature and what is authentication ?


In which state spaces does the online-dfs-agent will work? a) Irreversible state spaces b) Reversible state spaces c) searchable state spaces d) All of the mentioned


what is degenerate key in oracle ?whare do we use it?


i learn teradata,it is so intersting,now i want teradata certifications ,so any 1 help me to get teradata certifications TD 12 ?


hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance


BSNL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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