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bscpl Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Name the standard sand for concrete tests

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for rcc which condition will u adopt now

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Name the standard sand for concrete tests

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what is work of planning deptt. in any construction compny (in road project)


what is the thickness mortar between two bricks

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What the codes used for Rigid Pavement and Flexible pavement.

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what is water cement ratio m10,m15,m20,m25,m30,m35m ,m40

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minimum number of bars in a beam? minimum and maximum column size and beam size ? minimum and maximum aggregate size used in multistorey residential building for columns,beams,slabs?


How to calculate the quantity of cement in Cement Mortar M10 Concrete using 40mm metal

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Minimum no of bare in beam

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Minimum sizes of beam and coloumn

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what is RFI.How to prepare for slabs and beams connecting works to be executed.give order of work to be done.


Prepare a Schedule for a Highrised building from starting stage to Handover?


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