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BOC Interview Questions
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How many rediobutton groups can be there in a module pool program and in a report?

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. Who appoints the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir? (a) The Chief Minister of the State (b) The Chief Justice of the High Court of State (c) The President of India (d) The Prime Minister of India

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What is transport domain?

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Can u tell me about your Personal Life?


When we create a material (me21n), I wanted to calculate my Input tax amount on the actual price instead of base amount? What to do plz tell me urgent? Shall we need to customize at tax procedure or we have any another procedure for MM?

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When I am using T.code Me21n for purchase order creation, for example if I am entering a material price with Rs.100 with quantity of 10, and frieght of Rs.10, then my Input tax is calculated on Base amount (i.e Rs.100) But I wanted to change my customization that my Input tax % should be calculated on my Actual price instead of Base amount. Can any one help how to customize it?.

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What will happen if 230V DC motor connected to 230V AC Supply?

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how to find the starting current of the motor?

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What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

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Can we issue "Form E1" to party for same state? If yes please give procedure for invoiceing

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what happen if any company get net loss

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How we can recongnise the phase displacement of transformer connection between primary & scondary...plzzz explain it with example.........


Can you delink a payer from a bill to sold to ship to and then create a new payer on the existing bill to sold to ship to, this is where a pub or club changes licencees and we want to icolate the debt from the old owner but keep the sales history on the ship to/sold to


Where do we consider the pressure in mbar & where do we consider the pressure in bar & why is it so ?

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