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BOC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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. Who appoints the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir? (a) The Chief Minister of the State (b) The Chief Justice of the High Court of State (c) The President of India (d) The Prime Minister of India

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I need to change the Company address parameters of a user. The path is SU01 -> -> Change - > Address Tab - > Display Icon in Company Address section. In the new screen, i see a preview section icon; on clicking which, I can change the parameters such as "Sending Country"; "Street/PO Box number" and number of lines in the resulting pop up. Here though i change the parameter "Street/PO Box number" field to 'S' ( Street has priority over PO Box), its changing again to 'P' (PO Box has priority over street) only. In the help section it is written that if we set the user parameter (tcode SU3) LND1 to the desired country we can control the user specific Sending Country with the desired value else it takes the Sending Country of the Company defined by default. But no such parameter has been given for Street/PO Box number so that we could change its value atleast there. Someone suggest me how to change the Street/PO Box number of the Address format for a user to the desired value.