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Biocon Interview Questions
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What is Transamination?

3 13016

What are Chaemolithotrophs?

4 8067

What are immunoglobulins?

6 11214

What is the difference between transformation and transduction?

4 25533

What are pili or fimbriae?

6 9452

What are viriods?

5 8996

What are the two tests for antibody detection?

4 6476

Explain Gram Staining method?

6 11901

What are introns and exons?

12 20352

What are forbidden clones?

1 11907

what are different types of goitrogens?

2 5637

what is ramachandran plot?what r its applications?

18 51747

what are the structural differences between alpha keratin and collagen?

2 21724

how haemoglobin acts as an allosteric protein?

5 10898

what is niemann-pick disease and what are the disease symptoms?

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