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Biocon Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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is there any material other than caffene to calibrate hplc detector

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What is the procedure for investigation of an OOS (Out of specification) results?

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what is the difference between gc& hplc. why we r not calculating purity by gc for final products

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principle of FTIR

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What is the principle of GC/HPLC ?

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Why dissolution test is not performed in all of the products


why using Potentometry What Purpose? differance between manual and potentiometry? why using Some of materials in usig potentiometry? What is use of mericuric acetate in Potentiometry

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Sulphated Ash incresed it will effect on product yield?

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in loss on drying Why follows on constant weight not more than 0.5 mg, any region

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why inject diluted standard solution in related substance analysis by HPLC?

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Difference between related substances & impurities

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Which is the best mobile phase to separate organic acids using C8 column. And how should the samples be prepared for hplc?

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