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Consagous Placement Papers Interview Questions
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The recruitment process of consagous had three rounds. 1. Group discussion 2. Written test 3. Technical interview/ HR The first round was GD. I got the topic “should India break up the friendly ties with Pakistan”. The group had 20 students. After the discussion each student was given a chance to express his/her views on the topic. The second round was written test. The paper was purely technical. It had a total of 50 questions. Out of which 5 questions were subjective. Those questions were: 1. What is RTTI? 2. What is containership? 3. Describe the lifecycle of page. 4. Why an empty structure occupy 2 bytes memory? 5. What is the difference btw compilation of C++ and C#? The objective questions had some programming questions. Other than that some questions that I remember are: • What is the complexity of binary search algo? • The factor that affects the complexity of an algorithm is a. The maximum amount of memory needed by the algorithm b. The minimum amount of memory needed by the algorithm c. The avg amount of memory needed by the algorithm d. The maximum amount of disc space needed by the algorithm • The class which is used to perform basic console I/O? Ans. System • Which is the first phase of s/w development lifecycle? Ans. Analysis This is all I remember….. The last round was interview. 46 students were selected for the interview. HR questions: • Describe yourself. • Did u held some leadership position in your college (because I mentioned that I was captain in school) • Then they read two aptitude questions(easy ones) and I had to answer them but the condition was that they were not going to repeat the question. • What is your short term and long term goals? • Why your marks decreased in college? • At last they asked about their company. Technical question: • What is the difference between C and C++. • What are access specifiers? • What is a static variable? • How can we define a variable globally? • What is a namespace and assembly? • What is an intermediate language? • Describe your project. • What is the difference between cookies and sessions? And many more……. Finally I got selected after this.


consagous technologies placement papers

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consagous technologies placement papers

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consagous placement paper

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consagous placement paper

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Consagousv Selection Procedure


Consagous Technologies Selection Process

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Consagous Selection Procedure

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jr. software engineer

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Consagous Technologies selection and placement process

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Consagous Technologies placement procedure

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Interview Experience


Interview Experience

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Consagous Technology pvt ltd indore inteview experience

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