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State Bank Of India SBI POs Interview Questions
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hi friend....i hav selected for sbi interview which is on 25th may,2009.i written the xm on 1st mar 2009.friends if any one know about this interview(questions)pls send them to friends help me

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anybody interested in changing circle in sbi po


Hiiiii iam selected in allahabad po written... i will like to knw the domain and various questions that are asked. iam having my interview on 5th jun 2009. please help with some previous mail id is

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When SBI ll declare its next bank PO recruitment??????? ll it be in July or we have to wait till August 2009?????

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CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA Has anybody completed the online form fill up for PO exam??? It's such a waste site, i m trying for last 2 days the page is not opening. Even if it opens and u fill 1st page its not going to 2nd page. What ll be the right time in a day or night to fill the form online when there ll be less load on the server??????

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please send me the exam papers of PNB, SBI specialist officer on my email / and also let me knw abt the courseware to go thru and where to get it?


which site is useful for For Latest Current Affairs and General awareness 2009 for bank Po's?

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Hi..I got selected for interview in syndicate bank PO .i m from kolkata..have any one got the call letter by post? When can we expect the interview to happen?

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Will there be no po nvacancy for sbi this year as half the financial year i sover till now no annuncements? last year till August two times vacancies were announcedi.e. in april and august.


what are mutual funds?

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why anyone wants to shift from tehnical line to banking sector line

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What is the bank PO salary and allowances and other benefits?

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I did engineering in computer science. in pnb interview I was asked why did I want to join bank after doing engineering

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hi i need sbi po syllabus .and can anybody tell me hw to prepare for it any books


hai am madhu,i have to start preparation for BANK P.O, so plz sujest me how to prepare for that...and also give some information about G.D & interviews... and wat kind of questions they may ask.... plz help me... and my email ID is ""... and also give ur personal contact number if u don't mind....

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State Bank Of India SBI POs Interview Questions

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