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State Bank Of India SBI POs Interview Questions
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hi im already a po in a bank. i m selected for sbi po interview . is sbi absolutely strict about producing noc as my bank is not ready to give me noc. pls advice

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if anyone has already given gd & pi of sbi po, could u please send some information about gd topics to my email id


Dear Friends, I am doing my MCA Final Year. I am selected for postal assistant examination?. I want to go for job only. But i don't have eye sight of 6/12. will they reject after selecting me? Kindly reply


hi i am shortlisted to assistant manager in idbi bank..could u help me how to prepare for dat


i have been shortlisted for united bank of India po interview....what kind of question do they ask in interview...pls do reply...m confused

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hi frns please tell how to prepare for syndiacate bank asst manager exam .


hi i am abhishek srivastava i am preparing for sbi po so plz suggest me the best way for preparing forwritten and id is


qns asked for banking interview for engineers

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Who is the Governor of RBI

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How much time SBI take for result after written exam and how much total time SBI take in whole process of GD-PI after written exam...?????????

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Query regarding SBI biodata form : Q1 : What to fill in centre , the whole address of the interview place or just city Q2 : Identity certificate is needed for how many years

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Hello , I have got selected in state bank of hyderabad as PO in april 2012. Right now I am working as PO in canara bank & and heve 15 months of experience with canara bank. I will get confirmed in December 2012. Right now, I am confused what should I do ? should I join SBH ... are there any additional benefits of joining state bank of hyderabad.?? Please guide

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Hi All If any one of you wanna banking related interview preparation then contact me on Currently i am located in Navi Mumbai-Vashi


Sir, i am selected for the interview of BOB (bank of baroda) . Sir kindly sujest me how can i prepair for it? Thanks


Post New State Bank Of India SBI POs Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI POs Interview Questions

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