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State Bank Of India SBI Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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i am shortlisted in corporation bank for the post of computer officer the next phase is group discussion. i want to know how to prepare and what about the topics for preparing thanking you if you have any suggestion please give me


why hv u chosen this feild after doing btech engg?.

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I have done BE ( computer science) i secleted in sbi clerical written exam. so what questions they asked according to my subject please send me the answer


hey..... anybody here from CG? i m from CG n have been selected in the written xam sbi(clerical).interview date is 5/5/2010. answer me if anybody is there 4m CG


hi friends i am b-tech in computer science having interview of State bank of india clerk day on 30 th april. I want to know the answer of question:"you r in C.S. why do u want to become a bank clerk?" please help.Its my humble request.


hi ,,,,I m going to attend corporate bank exam of specialist IT officer, I don't Know What type of question arise in interview..some suggest me my email id is


what things abutsbi


Post New State Bank Of India SBI Engineering AllOther Interview Questions

State Bank Of India SBI Engineering AllOther Interview Questions

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