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Verizon Interview Questions
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suppose the product/appication has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity) But the the client is cannot wait for long time.You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly.then what is the procedure you follow?

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what are the contents of SRS documents?

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what are the contents of FRS?

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How to prepare Test data?

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requirement:To move display statements in a cobol program to a dataset.These display statements were not in main program but in calling program and we were not allowed to move these info via sysout dd dsn='' . please let me know the ways this can be handled


please tell me about fish model which is used in sdlc model ,and also tell me about the founder of fish model and diagram of fish model and other things in details

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what is the diff between Idoc and psa when we are loading hierarchies?

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I want to Know how many LUNs are in my Solaris10 server as well as NIC cards ?

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How many index can be created for single table

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is there any checklist to check SRS document

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What is the similarities between Web Testing and Mobile testing?


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Verizon Interview Questions

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