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Verizon Load Runner Interview Questions
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Hi I urgently need a substantial answer for one Q on Vusers - Performance Center. Hope you could help me. Q : My application is intended to undergo soon the load testing with performance center. The Vusers we planned are 100. But the dev team says that we should use 100 different UserID/Password's & each Virtual user should login into a different account while testing. Firstly, is this required ? my application can handle multiple logins for the same userid/password, hence is it mandatory to use 100 different account when we can do the same test with one account. If so, for 1000 Vusers we cannot use 1000 logins right ? I need substantial info to prove my point. Secondly, is this possible to assign a different userid/pwd to each Virtual user ? Thanks in advance & awating your reply Harsha

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Verizon Load Runner Interview Questions

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