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Verizon QTP Interview Questions
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What is the difference between functions and actions in QTP?

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What type of error u will get if u have not installed java add in in java project? what is the error name ?

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what do u mean by test harnesses in qtp?

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What is action required by QTP if a popup message is coming in exsisting script and now it is not coming. The script is having code to deal with popup message now when we run the script now the popup i snot coming according to new build, instead of changing the code what we can do?

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What are the details steps to connect a remote mysql database in QTP

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in qtp how i can retrive from a browser how many links are there.means total no of links used in a browser

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How to work with multiple browsers when opened in the window, write the script for it

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How to return a value from a fn, if it has more than one value how to return

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Verizon QTP Interview Questions

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