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SSC SSC General Studies Interview Questions
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Which is highest mountain peak in India ?

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Under whose perview the Central Statistical Survey Organisation ?

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Name the land border lies between India and Pakistan ?

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the vice presicent of india is elected by

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When will the final result of SSC Combined graduate level main exam 2006 publish? What is the cut off mark for the General category in the Combined graduate level main exam 2005?

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will a score of around 54% (including interview) in the combined graduate level 2006 exam be sufficient for a general category students to get a placement?

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i want all prevoius question papers of tax assistant examination

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The Ajanta Caves were built during the period of a) Guptas b) Kushans C) Mauryas d) Chalukyas

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who is the chiefminister of orissa?

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i am preparing for ssc graduate level exam.please suggest me books for mathematics , general studies ,english for main examination

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hi friends, could anyone tell me what could be the final cut off for CGL 2008 based upon the initial cut off for interview i.e 310 for inspector and 353 for assistant. and also if anyone could tell me the no. of post based upon the no. of student selected i.e. 5300 approx

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The maximum duration of zero hour in lok sabha is a)30 min b)1 hr c)2 hr d)unspecified

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SSC SSC General Studies Interview Questions

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