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Sonata Interview Questions
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Which is the base class for .net Class library?

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Can anyone supply FI-CO material in SAP.?

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What is Data Driven TEsting?

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What is the basic need for preparing test cases?

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What is Smoke testing,in smoke testing time u will prepare the test cases or not?

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In real time where u can apply traceability matrix

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what is diff between stress & load testing

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what is thetesting methodology that u r company folowing??

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What is test report?? du u;ve written any test reports

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Recent Patterrn Of Sonata Software

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new sonata papers

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How do u go about testing of client server application


How to import the Test Results in QTP to an Excel sheet

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wat is the use of testing?y we use testing

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is there any open source testing tool to perform whitebox testing and black box testing which supports c++ in linux.plz ans

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Un-Answered Questions

what is error and fault in terms of software quality?


Apparent power is expressed as V * I(Conjugate). Why not in V * I ?


What are readout rate?


 What among the following constitutes to the incremental formulation of CSP? a) Path cost b) Goal cost c) Successor function d) Objective function e) Initial state


What is Writable & WritableComparable interface?


what is mean by Digital Logic Meter (DLM)


What is ActiveX Document?


what is different between oops and c++


why Lightning arrestor are made by 2 seperate stack of inslutor but why cvt are in single stack of insulator.


Hi there Just done with QTP training. I am looking out for a job. can any one share your experinces in real time job. I mean How the work flow goes and what other things do i have to learn for getting a job. please respond ASAP this is urgent for me. Regards Lina.


What is resistance of 50meters,, single core copper cable?


question no. 4======Give a brief description of the following terms: a) Play head b) Symbol c) Tweening d) ActionScript e) Frame rate f) Library panel g) Masking h) Context – sensitive Property Inspector i) Bandwidth Profiler j) Frame Label


what are the chemical constituents of the plant Cucumis prophetarum?


What is commercial tax? and what comes under commercial tax? What are the Provisions relating to it?


what is the necessary of using inductance property in transmission lines even through resistance is used to opposes the high current flows in that?????


Sonata Interview Questions
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