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Sonata Interview Questions
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Which is the base class for .net Class library?

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Can anyone supply FI-CO material in SAP.?

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What is Data Driven TEsting?

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What is the basic need for preparing test cases?

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What is Smoke testing,in smoke testing time u will prepare the test cases or not?

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In real time where u can apply traceability matrix

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what is diff between stress & load testing

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what is thetesting methodology that u r company folowing??

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What is test report?? du u;ve written any test reports

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Recent Patterrn Of Sonata Software

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new sonata papers

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How do u go about testing of client server application


How to import the Test Results in QTP to an Excel sheet

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wat is the use of testing?y we use testing

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is there any open source testing tool to perform whitebox testing and black box testing which supports c++ in linux.plz ans

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Un-Answered Questions

How calculate the MTA in relay?


what is the meaning of 40/20 src


can you send me the placement papers of electrical engg. from companis like NTPC,DRDO,IOCL,HPCL,BPCL etc.?If,plz send as soon as possible.Thanks.


Suppose you have been asked to design one electronic circuit then starting from basic what procedure do you follow?It should include all standard industrial measures. Please reply.Thanks.


What is different between DI Pipe and CI pipe?


tell me few points when u become TL


How does the microtome cambridge work?


what is the difference you can make by doing your course in the country of your choice


What transistor level design tools are you proficient with? What types of designs were they used on?


sir tell me the formula for calculating the volume of 380mm dia double under reamed pile of 4.0 mts depth.


what is the function generator?


can any send unix admin doc? if u have please send it to


what are the usual topology of transformers at different substations in the power system and why that particular topology is choosen. what are the limitaions of that topology?


If selected as BDM what will be your first task


Explain different kinds of Switching techniques.


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