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Sonata Mobile Testing Interview Questions
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wat is the use of testing?y we use testing

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what is the working principle of energy saver control panel. please give the complete calculation & theory.


How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place


If any changes done in the process of production what that is called.


What is Operational testing?


Dear sir, This is R.Kadambavadani working in a pharma industry. while doing RS analysis of ibuprofen API, unknown peak eluting some times in the 0.6 Min RT. Kindly send me what is the exact reason behind that. also am using ACN the mobile phase.


Between educational qualification and practical work experience, give us a brief explanation on your practical experience in your past Endeavour that you performed well to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?


How can two 3 phase transformers of same KVA and Voltage be connected in parallel?


Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.


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Where is the user session timeout set and how do you set it?


What is a junction record?


what is difference apportionment of costs, overhead expenses and how do they differ


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Dear Friends, I having total 3+year experience in manual testing including automation testing QTP, if i am attending any interview what kind of question will i get? please help me out


how to configure certificate authority in windows server 2003 and client systems.step by step.


Sonata Mobile Testing Interview Questions
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