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Shell Instrumentation Interview Questions
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deference between DCS and PLC including date processing and architacture.

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the 3 most common transmitter protocol being in refinery or qatar gas and aramco.


If a control valve is hunting means means if we are giving 50% to the cv, the cv will open at 51% then slowly slwoly it will reaches 49% , then it will reaches again 50%, this type of action occured frequntly.. so what to do for solve this problem. The possible cause is in volume booster or positioner's relay.. positioner is double acting .. and make siemens..sipart.The cv is double acting and mounted for anti surge operation, it having 4 nos. volume booster, one sov, one positioner, etc..?

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Coriolis flow meter coil supply is 24vdc but why still we given 230ac for this transmitter let me explained detailed review please

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Why we are using temperature and pressure as a reference when measuring flow of steam?

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what is commissioning & pre commissioning , explain with difination

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why we are giving negative supply for vibration sensors?

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What is capacity of impulse line tube ...answer in psi

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