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RRB Interview Questions
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Who among the following can be removed from office through impeachment by Parliament ? (a) Speaker of Lok Sabha (b) Prime Minister (c) Vice-President of India (d) President of India

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During India?s freedom struggle, the ?Sepoy Mutiny? started from which of the following places? (a) Agra (b) Gwalior (c) Jhansi (d) Meerut

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In the absence of both the President and the Vice=President, who shall act as the President of India? (a) Prime Minister (b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (d) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

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Who is empowered by the Constitution to dissolve the Lok Sabha before the expiry of its term? (a) The Prime Minister (b) The President (c) The President of India on the advice of the Prime Minister (d) The Chief Election Commissioner

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Which British Governor-General introduced Postage Stamp in India? (a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Auckland (c) Lord Canning (d) Lord William Bentinck

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If the price of an inferior good falls, then its demand (a) Rises (b) Falls (c) Remains constant (d) Can be any of the above

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Very strong and cold icy winds that blow in the Polar regions are called (a) Typhoons (b) Tornadoes (c) Blizzards (d) Polar winds

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Name the person who is know as ?Karnataka Gandhi? : (a) Ranganath Devakar (b) Karnataka Sadashiva Rao (c) Thagdur Ramchandra Rao (d) Hadekar Manjappa

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The original fort in Bangalore was built in the 16th century. Later on, it was subject to the authority of the Marathas and then the Mughals. Who amongst them bought Bangalore in the 17th century from the Mghals for three lakhs? (a) Kenpagowda I (b) Chikka Devraj Wodeyar (c) Haider Ali (d) Tippu

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Which of the following equations is correct where I=Current, V=Voltage and R=Resistance? (a) V = I/R (b) R = V/I (c) I = V/R2 (d) R = V2/I

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scribers made of (1)stainless steel(2)low corbon steel(3) mild steel

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Railway recruitment board (Chennai) Junior Engineer recruitment examination 2006 & 2005 question papers.

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railway exam in asst loco pilot old test paper

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why earth hole size is biggest in plug point?

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why earth hole size is biggest in plug point?

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RRB Interview Questions

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