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RRB RRB Interview Questions
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In which direction Earth rotates?

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Gun Powder first used in the country -

3 3578

Heat is generated in the sun by-

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Colour of oxygen cylinder used in hospital-

11 16254

NELSON is a term associated with cricket made by run

2 2740

Heat is produced by 1 ton A.C

3 2550

A transformer transform - a.voltage b.current c.power

3 4182

Voltage regulation of ideal transformer is

2 3517

Cricket law book is called

3 3773

First NIzam of Hyderabad

4 6017

ASHES is the terms associated with a. hockey b.basket ball c. Tenis d. cricket

14 9117

A slant line with arrow head in the transistor symbol represents

2 5728

The size of transformer core will depend on

4 11717

In a transformer the phase difference between the primary and secondary voltage of a transformer is nearly

4 6849

How much is the luminance of moon light ?

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RRB RRB Interview Questions

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