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Ordain Solutions Test Director Interview Questions
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what are diadvantages of Test director?.

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What if you delete a test from Test Lab will it updated in Requirements/Test Plan tabs also.

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What is the role of snap shot in Test Director?

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What is test set?

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yesterday night u r giving some scripts to run and u r going to home again today morning u r come to office then how u r check the result in Test Director (TD)?

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how to execute testcase

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1.where you maintain the test cases for the project in automation Testing using Testdirector? does you configure test cases in test testdirector in automation Testing? does you execute the test cases in Testdirectot?

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Can we have dependency between to bugs in test director? Like : Bug #10 is dependent on Bug #1

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I installed TestDirector 7.6 on my PC which has windows media center edition. It was working fine in the begining. But now when I try to start it, I get the message, "cannot connect to databas. The data base version is older than 7.5, please update database". I am using MS Access as the database. Any help would be appreciated.


How to generate Testcase id in Test Director? a)Testcase id 1, b)Testcase id 2, c) TestCase id 3 d) Test case id 4

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How can i post the results to a site once i Run the test Set In TestDirector?

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