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NIC Government AllOther Interview Questions
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please send type of the question of Nic's exam and syllabus?

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Please send me Sample papers National Informatics Centre (NIC) Programmer Vacency.if any one have previous question papers send to .

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please tell me syllabus of NIC exam for the post of programmer..

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what is the Syllabus for NIC exam?

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I want to know about NIC Scientific engineer(programmer) exam pattern and sample questions... anybody plz mail id is


hi, satyam is here..... the thing is my time is tough,,and i m starving for NIC- SCIeNTIFIC paper , and this is on 22 feb... plz help me out... my mail-id is .........


Hi, I am preparing for the Scientific officer examination going to be held on 22nd February 09.I am also looking for the previous question papers and answers ,if anyone knows the syllabus then pls send me to these id . Thanks..


hi frendz please send me previous conducted NIC entrance question papers i reuire it. please send them to surya


for 2008 NIC paper


I am appearing for the NIC exam this year for the first time. If anybody have any sample papers or have any information about it. Please send it to me at It would be a great help for me. Thanks.


Need NIC Sample papr


please send pattern of questions for nic exam


can anyone share with me nic sample and interview tips send it to my email id


Hello Friends I have cleared written test of nic n my pi is on next 31st so pls help me regarding dt n if n e 1 has cleared dt den pls share ur experience

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Did anybody gone thru NIC Interview? plz let me know what they asked in interview?

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NIC Government AllOther Interview Questions

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