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NIC C Interview Questions
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can any one tel me wt is the question pattern for NIC exam


hi , please send me NIC written test papers to


nic scientist exam

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Is it possible to run using programming C for Java Application?

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NIC C Interview Questions

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1.Have u logical models in project? If s which logical model used? do u connect to production server? 3. how do u test the data in report is same as in DWH? 4. u created one report but there is no data in the attribute. But how can u extract the data from ware house? 5. u have two tables having different ids how do u merge those table in MSTR? 6. have u faced challenging situation in u r project? Give me one example?


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Dear Sir, Tomorrow i am going for interview at TCS-Mumbai.Please let me know what kind of question are going to be asked.


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