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NIC Government AllOther Interview Questions
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Dear ALL, please specify your NIC interview date and if anybody gone through it eailer pls pls share here with you valuable suggestion. mine is on 24 April, from delhi


Dear All, those who have their interview scheduled on 30 march and onwords , please share their interview Exp. to here with suggestion of improvement for rest of the candidates. it really great help for all. please do it just after intervew day. Thanks Best of luck to all Candidates. Prashant-9971363173

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I am attending NIC interview on april 2009. If any body attended the interview please tell me, what are the questions they asked, and how to prepare for the interview. thanks in advance---Bharath Reddy

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When will be the National Informatic Center Recruitment2009 results


When will be Personel interview results of NIC 2009

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hi friends does anyone knows when will be the final results of personal interview of NIC will be put on....... bz my interview was on 16th april till now no results of that when they will put final results.........


1.Dandgling Reference refer to? 2.Encryption used in IEEE 802.11? 3.Version of Advanced Enryption Standard(AES) and cipher Key? 4.No.of vertex of odd degree is ? 5.Slowest Sorting Algorathim? 6.Complexity to delete a node from Linked LIST? 7.EBCDIC can code upto how many charcter? 8.estimation equation of cocomo model for organic project? 9.need for the extended ER Model? 10.Infrastructure component for the DATA Center? 11.which type of memory device has Min. cost of storing one bit information ? 12.color combination for printer? 13.father of computer? 14.thrashing affect? 15.preemptive version of FCFS? 16.c is a ..............Language? 17.object based language? 18.whicj memory can not be interface with procesor? 19.input for linker? 20.preprocesor starts functioning when....?


is there any second list or waiting list will be announced from sbi for clerk? i lost sbi clerk by 1 mark in tamilnadu circle... friends pls tell me if u know? also when?

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can you please any one tell about exam pattern of nic.


What type of questions they ask in NICL insurance AO and Asst interview on biodata? Which coaching is good for Interview?

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NIC Government AllOther Interview Questions

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