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NCC Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much least count of levelling ?

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levelling least count

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percentage of wastage limits in construction materials EX : min & max . cement = fine aggregate = coarse aggregate = admixture = wood = tiles = painting = marbles = bricks =

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How much ratio of water in use of 1m.cube r.c.c the ratio is (1:2:4)

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What is the weight of 10mm,20mm,40mm aggregate per cubic ft in kg?

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hello; sir. i would like to be an assistant executive engineer in irrigation department. is it really necessary to take coaching? or can i prepare myself by studying any study materials available in market? if so; what are the books i have to purchase. please reply soon.


what is the quantity of cement sand and metal in a 1m^3 m15 standard concrete

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Why we stop the concrete in 1/3 rd of span length

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how many blocks required for 100sqft 8" blocks

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what is the density of the polythene sheet

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What is a MIS report?

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1:6 brick masonry cement and sand calculations

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how much sand requires for Light weight blocks for 100sqft

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how to identify np3 pipe and np4 pipe


Please tell me any one, how many quantity concrete paver block fixing perday ( 8hours) per mason??


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