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Microsoft C Code Interview Questions
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Sorting entire link list using selection sort and insertion sort and calculating their time complexity

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How do you sort a Linked List (singly connected) in O(n) please mail to if u can find an anser...i m desperate to knw...

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To Write a C program to remove the repeated characters in the entered expression or in entered characters(i.e) removing duplicates.

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How will u find whether a linked list has a loop or not?

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create a C-code that will display the total fare of a passenger of a taxi if the driver press enter,the timer will stop. Every 10 counts is 2 pesos. Initial value is 25.00


how can i search an element in an array

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Write a program to print a square of size 5 by using the character S.

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Write a single line c expression to delete a,b,c from aabbcc

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How can i find first 5 natural Numbers without using any loop in c language????????

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Microsoft C Code Interview Questions

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