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Microsoft C Sharp Interview Questions
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the selected inf of other combobox?How do you achieve it?

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why sturcture ? why class?why you prefer structure and in which cases u go for class?

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If u declare two interfaces withsame methodnmae .prototype how can u call the particular method from class?

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Indexers in c#?

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Valuetype/reference type?

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can we assign null value to value type in c#?

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How can you prevent classes to be inherited?

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Is string reference type / value type?

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how can i return string by vilating duplicates(inpyt like asdfsda but output should be 2a2d2sf and 2a,2d,2s,f)

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How you will handle session when deploying application in more than a server? Describe session handling in a webform, how does it work and what are the limits?

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is it possible to inherit a class but methods declared in the class should not be inheritable i possible how?

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Can we throw exception from catch block

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What are assemblies?


Explain about CTS?


Explain About remoting and web services. Difference between them


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Microsoft C Sharp Interview Questions

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