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MBT WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is Regression Testing and how you are going to use winrunner software to do this Regression testing?

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how will u perform bug tracking using winrunner?

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what r the standard properties r u checking for pushbutton?

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what is virtual object?

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what is batch mode, how can u run ur tests in batch mode?

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Are you created any custom dialog box during test runs?

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what is the TSL statement for pass/fail crieteria appear in the test results of TD?

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how u can crate a database checkpoint in ur script?

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how u can connect database without using any wizard in winrunner?

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when obligatory & optional properties cannot uniquely identifying an object then in that case which method u r follow for identifying object in Win Runner ?

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what type of licence key r u using for winrunner software in your company?

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how many license keys are there for winrunner in your company?

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what is the gui map & gui map file in winrunner?

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Tell me the usecase format r u using in ur company?

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what is the use of add-ins in winrunner?

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