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MBT Non Technical Interview Questions
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Un-Answered Questions

Hello...has anyone interviewed with Information Management Services(IMS)located in Silver Spring MD??If yes,what can you share about the programming test and the analytical test?


do you have idea about exchange, tdp oracle, tdp sql?


What is accretion and dilution?


What are the categories of purchasing information records?


How do you voice type on word?


Given a layout, draw its transistor level circuit. (I was given a 3 input AND gate and a 2 input Multiplexer. You can expect any simple 2 or 3 input gates)


What are Routines and how they can be accessed?


What is difference between range and arange function in python?


What are different ways to configure a class as spring bean?


write a program to display configuration of a local system with the help of vb script.


You are a project manager for Dakota Software Consulting Services. You're working with a major retailer that offers their products through mail-order catalogs. They're interested in knowing customer characteristics, the amounts of first-time orders, and similar information. The stakeholders have accepted the project scope. Work has begun on the project, and you're confirming some of the initial work results with the stakeholders. You've asked for acceptance of the work results. Which process are you in? A. Quality Assurance B. Quality Control C. Scope Verification D. Performance Reporting


show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2


What is an actual parameter?


Can we have 2 main methods in c#?


Explain managerial closing? : fi- general ledger