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MBT Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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If 100 test cases given to you and asked you to categorize them into manual and automated test cases you are going to do..Any systematic process?

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What r SQA activities?

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what is TRM?

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what is cohensive testing and span control?


what is the most challenging situvation r u phased while during testing?


what r the benifits of continuous testing?

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how do u know the defect report is correct or not?

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have u write any sanity testcases?


what is the diff between test strategy & test methodology?

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what r the contents in defect reporting?

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what r the contents in usecase?

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what r the strategies & methodologies r u following in preperation of test cases based on usecase?


In an Testing interview the following question asked. who will write usecases?

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At what phase tester role starts?

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what is the difference between application server & web server?

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