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AppLabs QTP Interview Questions
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What is meant by Step Generator in Qtp How is it used? pls gimme in detail

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Hi any body can tell me the synchranization point syntax thanks in advance

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What is Automation frame work.How we will prepare in real time.

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how to display message with out using msgbox function?

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Hi friends, In a particular test how many maximum call to new actions we can call?It reusable or normal actions what ever it is .

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How to create log file in qtp?

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what is the difference between seat and concerent licenses.

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Explain the keyword driven framework for the window based application complete creation of library files,env file,test data,recovery file,excel file ,repository etc and as a test engineer how is ur approach


can u explain the keyword driven framework with an example clearly how to create all the files and how to attach to main test.

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Hi Can u plz suggest who is the Best Faculty for Advanced QTP Scripting in Hyderabad ,plz suggest me..... or send me a replay to, r make me a call 9866335752

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