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APC Interview Questions
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what is dedicated earthing??????

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ups and invertor battery selection chart and full formula

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what is the difference between rectifier and converter and commudator?


where to show Preliminary expenses except "Statement of changes in working capital" in Fund flow statement?


Under what condition will read from a terminal return the value 0?


how slip power recovery system work


what is the control used to call a windows application.


i am b.sec with PCM now what can i do for higher education


How can check gear pitch?


what are the serious issues scenarios faced in support in crm and hw was it resolved????


what is the market share how to do calculation plz give exple ?


what is the size of ht cable of 33kv ht line and transformers ratings are 1 Mva and 5mva.please send formula also.


y do v use microprocessor for cpu's but not microcontrollers??? adv of mp over mc????


THESE POSTS ARE FOR THE DURATION OF FIVE YEARS. AFTER COMPLETION OF FIVE YEARS, THE PERSONNEL POSTED AGAINST THESE POSTS ARE LIKELY TO BE CONTINUED IN NIC. CAN Any body say that what it will be happened after 5 years? does they through us out from NIC? Is it a temporary job of 5 years is the probation period?


how do you bind the cobol with db2


if you use oracle sql*loader , how do you transform data with it during loading?


What if you are not accepted in the schools you are applying for? ifyou didn't get into any programs?


APC Interview Questions
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