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ISRO Government AllOther Interview Questions
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What are init levels in UNIX


What are the differences between Windows and Unix


How CPU handles Interrupt Handling

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What prog directory contains in UNIX and where it resides


What is Transaction(RDBMS)

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What is TRAP ? What are Maskable and Non-maskable Interrupts?What is Masking?What is Vectored Interrupt? How it is processed?


To connect a computer in your home to Internet ? What are the networking components needed?What type of modems are needed for connection?


What is the Importance of Relational DBMS? Why it is more preferred than Network and Hierarchical Models?


What is the differences between char and varchar in Oracle/SQL


why 4 core cables is used in place of 3.5 core cables for UPS system


I am in need of the interview pattern for ISRO graduate apprenticeship.Bcoz i have got the call letter

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Hi, I am appearing for the ISRO exam for the post of Scientist/ Engineer to be held on 26th April,09. Can anyone help me regarding the same? I want to know about the exam pattern and the syllabus. If anyone could share your experience or sample papers for the same at It would be very useful for me. Thanks.

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Hi, I belong to the computer science stream and I am going to appear in the ISRO exam going to be held on April 26th '09. Can anyone pls send me the pattern and syllabus for the same. Also it would be very greatful if you could send me any question papers and study material. My mailid: Thanks.


Hi.. M applied for ISRO exams scheduled on 26 april... Heard dat only short listed candidates r called 4 Wriiten test..Do anyone know the Criteria or do anyone got further info abt d exam..?

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Hi, I am appearing ISRO exam on April 26th 2009.Anyone got hallticket from ISRO for the position of Scientist.

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