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ISRO Interview Questions
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why 4 core cables is used in place of 3.5 core cables for UPS system


what is the value of prandtl no. for air?

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Hi, I belong to the computer science stream and I am going to appear in the ISRO exam going to be held on April 26th '09. Can anyone pls send me the pattern and syllabus for the same. Also it would be very greatful if you could send me any question papers and study material. My mailid: Thanks.


what is meant by dielectirc medium? what is the dielectirc value of air and water???

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I have applied in ISRO for the post of Jr.PA. Pls send me the previous question papers of this post.


sir, how to select the cable size, what is the parameters use ang what is the formulas use for this cable size calculations. please tell me.

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Why annealing is done on transformer core manufacturing process?

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4.In which type of welding is a pool of molten metal used.....

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what is CAPITA in accounts?


difference between typewriter and computer?

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abbrivation for ROA in oracle?

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what is office automation?


define cartography?

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in earth 1degree equals how many kilo meters?

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how to take 2 pages print in to one page?

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