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ISRO Interview Questions
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The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum of money at 5% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 1.50. Find the sum. (a) Rs. 800 (b) Rs. 1200 (c) Rs. 400 (d) Rs. 600 (e) None of these

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I have sample questions for QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for bank test. Those who want this can contact me :

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The walls and roof of a room are 10 m long,8 m wide and 10 m in height is to be painted.How much will it cost at Rs.5 per sq.foot? A.1600 B.2000 C.2200 D.2400

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BEAT is written as GIDV; SOUP may written as :

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where are the famous elephanta caves?

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