what is the difference between a Job and a Position

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Answer / rahul

job is general one, whereas position is specific to its
role and responsibilities.

for Eg: JOB: MANAGER (generic term)
Positon: finance manager, hr manager,(this is
position which is specific to the role to be played.

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Answer / nana

job is generic and position is specific.

eg. Asst. manager is a job whereas asst. manager (
Electrical) is a position.



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Answer / arun kumar

i defer with the second answer. its wrong. the first answer
is the right one.

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Answer / rakesh kadam

Job is a generic role within the enterprice which is
independent of any single org for eg Job manager hich
occurs in may organisation.

Position is a specific occurance of a job fixed within an

Rakesh Kadam

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Answer / venkat

i think answer 4 is correct bcoz

if job: manager
position: hr manager
finace manager

in positon hierarchy we will define as under hr manager

sr hr manager
jr hr manager

i think so..

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Answer / abdul rehman

Job is generic
Position is the instance of Job and specific to organiation
Manager is a job
Manager HR is a position
Manager Finance is a position

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Answer / sabir mumtaz

Job is generic<<< I agree however, position is the
combination of JOB with either the Department it is in, or
Location or Business Unit what ever name you call it within
the organization.

Job has one to many relationships while normally position
is one to one relationship with employee

e.g. Administrative Assistant is a Job that can be
performed by many employees within an organization.

However Administrative Assitant in Marketing or Finance is
a Position.

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Answer / hollyr

The answer between a Job and a Position is quite simple. A
job is a collection of tasks that can be performed by a
number of employees - example, My friend and I are both
secretarys. We have the same job.
However a position can only be be held by one appointed
person. We both have jobs as administrative assisstants,
however; my position is administrative assistant to HR
Manager, and her's is assistant to the VP.

There can be 2 jobs and five positions. Looking for 2
welders and three pipefitters. Two jobs...five positions
open. Hope this helps.

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Answer / sonal asher

Jobs are generic roles within a Business Group. Position is
a specific role, or function, that exists in one, and only
one, organization.

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Answer / carolyn

In HR there is a position, job and class. The position is
specific to a single budgeted slot and a "position
description" describes the work of the incumbent who fills
that slot; i.e. Accouts Payable Clerk or Accounts
Receivable Clerk (2 positions_. A job description describes
the work of incumbents who fill closely related positions
in a department or unit; i.e., "Accounting Clerk"; a class
description describes the general work across an
organization; i.e. Fiscal Clerk - which may cover financial
support work in multiple departments. The terms are often
used interchangably, but they have distinct meanings in the
world of HR.

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