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I am working with AP after creating the transaction in AP I am unable to creating the Accounting. The system is showing this message " Online account could not be created for this transaction. Please submit the create accounting concurrent program with the report parameter set to detail to determine the problem"    3  45
Advance paid to Employee 1000$. Employee incurred expenses of 800$ and he returned 200$. What is the Accounting Entry?    0  20
How should we manage Open balances of accounts while importing legal systems to Oracle at the time of implementation?    0  15
How to Write off AP invoices which are not paid or in future we dont want to pay?    0  14
What are register in India localisation?    0  22
can we define 2 different currency revaluation at a time?? ibm   0  22
what is difference between realized and unrealised gain or loss? ernst-young   1  56
what is revalulation? ernst-young   2  54
If parent Co. is India & subsdy at USA and need reporting for all the branhces trail balance in one report. how the chart of account should design.? is there need for consolidation? ernst-young   0  22
what is commitment (Warranty invoice) in AR? ernst-young   1  43
what is accounting entry once we receive GRN and inventory accounting.? ernst-young   1  53
what is consolidation process? ernst-young   0  19
What is elimination? ernst-young   0  22
what is invoice variance in ap accenture   1  86
Prepared transaction for 1000$, Received receipt from customer For 1000$, Transaction and receipt closed. customer returned 200$ worth goods, He wants refund for 200$. how can you achieve this. accenture   2  734
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain about Localization (IND & US ) in Oracle Apps ? 727
how do u explain what are revaluation reserve, revaluation reserve retired, and revaluation amortization accounts 1590
What is write off in payables? When do we use? 1220
What is Tax Structure in US, we set-up in E-business Tax of R- 12 or 11i? 695
Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms. 229
i want a report for how many operating units in my business group, is this any concurrent request to get this report? plz tel... 241
explain your project plan with exam pal? i am preparing inter view ............. 321
When we run a GL Reconciliation Report, we also see the void payments in that report. Even though i disable the option of Show Void payments, its appearing in the report.How do i proceed so that i dont see those void payments in the GL Reconciliation Report? 863
How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples. 422
In Subinventories Form, how to enable the Locator Control. A message displayed when changing the drop down list "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update. 382
How do you adjust receivables? 161
what r the errors we will get while oracle financial implementation in accounts payable and please how u have solved those errors 414
what is invoice variance in ap 176
Advance paid to Employee 1000$. Employee incurred expenses of 800$ and he returned 200$. What is the Accounting Entry? 20
How do write a discoverer report to identify zero dollar suppliers/invoices where the supplier is on hold? 555
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