Which was termed as the ?Magna Carta of India?

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Answer / sharmila

fundamental rights of our constitution are magnacarta of

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Answer / deepu

Queen Victoria's Proclamation of 1st November,1858
It transferred the Government to the British Crown.

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Answer / rupali

In 1215 the feudals of england made the unjust king john to
sign a set of written rights and liberties for the people.
this was the firtst kind of written law and was called as
magna carta. the fundamental rights written in part iii of
indian constitution, which is mainly the replica of British
law , therefore called the magna carta of india

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Answer / apurv

Part 3 of the Constitution of India which contains the fundamental rights is referred to as the Magna Carta of India.

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Answer / noufal.tm

fundamental rights

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Answer / ashok mehrotra

fundamental rights

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Answer / aswathy

magna carta is also our fundamental rights but some time it will not support our rights. Magna cartha have lot of significance in the present situation because we can see lot of in justic in our society

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Answer / aswathy

fundamental rights

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Answer / pathan khusru

Fundamental Rights Part 3 is the corner stone and together with Part 4 i.e directive principles of the state policy constitutes "Magna Carta of India"... Thank you.

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Answer / k.srinivas

From Britan constitution.

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