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How can i know Syllabus for GroupI and GroupII Please tell me...........


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tell me some good websites for group1 and group2 exams.which subjects to opt?


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Can any one tell me what are the books that should be followed for GROUP II (APPSC) exam. pl. mail it to Thanks in advance.


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how would maths help you while doing finance.


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pls tell me the link or related sites for group II Or send 2 mail id thanks


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What is diffrernce between Group 1 and Group 2 and its paper pattern plz give me the details

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Group 2 having preliminary exam or not?

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What is meant by science congress and its rules. plz give me brief explaination.


i saw one column in Groups notification that is special recruitment it is for engineering condidates. here my doubt is it comes under Groups or it come another time. if yes please tell me when it come. Actually i m in student, i prepared Groups under catagory of special recruitment please give me the information in brieflly its urgent. thank u



Group 2 having preliminary or not.

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please tell me about 18th point in application form of group2.order of preferences for zone it for both executive n non-executive posts?i m not clear abt this question.can anyone tell me how to fill that very urgent?

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Who was the indian acting presently as the personal secretary for France President,Nicolas Sarkojy?

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Uttaranchal a newly developed state in the NDA Government is now called as?

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World Economic Forum head quarters is located at?

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Inernational Womens Day is

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i want to know details about group intrested in socilogoy sub...i want to prepair telugu language...pls ans to my ques..give me details abt


Hi.. I completed my bbm.can i elegible for group-2 exam?what is the minimum percentage to write the exam? can any body plz give me the answer..


Hi friends.I am parveen.I want to know how to present our answer in group 1 mains.can any body know please answer me.I am searching for this for so many months


hi i need group 2 material.If any body have send it to me.MAIL


please send GR-2 previous question papers to my mail


hi This is Ashok i applied for Group 2 in october 2009 notification :38/2008 and SUPPLEMENTARY NOTIFICATION NO. : 11/2009,i would like to know when will be the exam?


iwill go to write the tnpsc exam, so i need model question paper.


HI friends, Can any one tell me about referrence books for group 2 exam of all three papers individually, any one know plzzzzzzzzz send me to the mail


sir i am preparing for aso exam so plz send a copy of previous question papers?


halo i prepare group2 exams but i dont know about which type of material used for group2 exams. plz let me know about xeros material of group2 books and xeros centre numbers and address.


i need group 2 study material can send me ebooks my mailid :


Hi All can anybody send me group-2 study material to my id- and plz let me know when should i buy the current affairs material...


I have an interview for the post of Assistant Central Intellegence Officer on 29 Oct.2010. How much time does it take to informe us about the result?


which is the best institute in vizag of group 2


I did my MS in Automotive Engineering & B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Am planing to write APPSC Group-II exam for Motor vehicle Inspector post. So does any one got previous exam papers related to above mentioned subjects. You can mail me at