What is the difference between Class and Structure?

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Answer / swetcha

The difference between a class and a structure is that, by
default, all of the members of a class are private and, by
default, all of the members of a structure are public.

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Answer / p govind rao

1) structure :- In structure have a by default public.
In class have a by default private.
2) Structure cannot be inherited. But class can be
3) There is no data hiding features comes with
structures. Classes do, private, protected and public.
4) A structure can't be abstract, a class can.
5) A structure is a value type, while a class is a
reference type.
6) A structure is contain only data member , but class
contain data member and member function.
7) In a Structure we can't initilse the value to the
variable but in class variable we assign the values.
8) Structure are value type, They are stored as a
stack on memory. where as class are reference type. They
are stored as heap on memory.

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Answer / vadivel

i. Structure are value type where as class are reference
ii. Structure are default public where as class are default
iii. 'this' pointer will work only in class.

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Answer / navin

Structure: Initially (in C) a structure was used to bundle
different type of data types together to perform a
particular functionality. But C++ extended the structure to
contain functions also. The major difference is that all
declarations inside a structure are by default public.
Class: Class is a successor of Structure. By default all
the members inside the class are private.

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Answer / anshu sharma

Structure are value types and classes are reference types.So
structures use stack and classes use heap.
Structures members can not be declared as protected , but
class members can be.
You can not do inheritance in structures.
Structures do not require constructors while classes require

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Answer / sundarchum

Structs are Value type. They are stored as a stack on
Class is reference type. They are stored as heap on memory.
Sturcts constructor must contain a parameter and cannot
have default constructor.
Class constructor may contain no parameter.
Struct cannot have instance field.
Class can have instance field.
Struct cannot inherit from a structure.
Class can inherit from a class.
Structs cannot declare a destructor.

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Answer / rakesh kumar

structure can not be declare privately but class can be
declared public as well as private.In structure data member
and member function are public by default and in class
these are private by default

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Answer / mohanraj.d

1.structure is a value type.but class is a reference type.
2.structure is stored in stack.but class is stored in heap.
3.struct cannot have default constructor.
4.struct do not support inheritance.
5.class can inherit from a class.
6.struct cannot have declare destructor.
7.class has define object and function.
8.structure has define only object.

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Answer / lucky

1) classes can have data member as well as member function but structure is a data type which can have data member only.

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Answer / liyakath ulla r

the structurs are used in both c and c++.
but class is used only in c++ and othe opps languages

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